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“We’d like to invite you to a panel interview.” The official email happily informs you that you have advanced to the next round of the employment procedure. You’re bothered by one thing only. You have no idea what to expect from a panel interview or what it is. Do not be alarmed; we have the solutions you’ve been seeking. All the details are revealed in the guide that follows. 

A panel interview: what is it?

You might be perplexed and unsure of what a panel interview is all about if you’ve received an invitation to one. This is just an interview with two or more interviewers instead of just one, despite the name being a little unclear. 

Naturally, responding to one person’s inquiries is challenging enough. You can find the situation daunting when other people are involved. It need not be, though. Interviews of this kind are becoming more and more prevalent and can be used for the following purposes: 

To guarantee that the interviewers address every aspect and subject.

To ensure impartiality and eliminate any prejudices. 

in order for multiple experts to contribute to the decision-making process

Panel interviews are frequently used in academic contexts. However, hiring committees from other sectors also make use of them. This kind of interview might appear in the fields of marketing, technology, government, healthcare, and other business domains.

Checklist for getting ready for a panel interview

It’s wise to prepare for your panel interview as well as conduct research beforehand. This strategy will help you relax if you’re nervous about the interview. This is our to-do list: 

Verify the interview’s location (or, if it’s online, the link).

Examine typical panel interview questions and prepare your responses.

List a few sample responses to interviews.

To learn more about the panel interviewers, look them up.

Verify that you haven’t missed anything by going over the invitation email again. 

If at all feasible, ascertain the format of the panel interview.

The amount of information you have will determine how well you can prepare for your panel interview. The employer might provide you with comprehensive information about what to anticipate. You can still conduct independent research here, though, even with scant knowledge.

Strategies and advice for panel interviews

Now that you’re ready for your panel interview, let’s talk about some strategies to help you ace it. It’s wise to seek some wise counsel if this is your first time being interviewed by several people. In light of this, the following are the most effective tactics you can use: 

First, calm down. 

It’s enough to give you butterflies in your stomach to face two or more interviewers. Allow yourself a few minutes to decompress when you get to the interview place. You could want to just take some deep breaths or do some mindfulness meditation. Remember that the interviewers are just regular individuals just like you; therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid. 

Make sure your body language is positive.

It concerns how you carry yourself. Making a good impression on each individual in a panel interview is important. Therefore, use open body language. As you approach the person asking you a question, keep your back straight, your body at ease, and your posture relaxed. (You will, of course, have to move around as the panel interview goes on.)

Maintain eye contact with others. 

Making no eye contact when you’re frightened is a dead giveaway. You want to project an air of sincerity and friendliness. This entails looking each interviewer in the eye when they pose a question. You can go overboard with this, of course. You don’t want to unintentionally initiate a game of staring. Try to maintain as much naturalness as you can.  

Pose inquiries to every interviewer. 

It takes two to tango in an interview. You’re determining whether the job is a good fit for you at the same time as the interviewers are determining whether you’re a suitable candidate for the position. If you require any additional information after an interviewer asks you a question, don’t hesitate to ask. At the conclusion of the interview, there will be a chance for questions. Make sure you have some ready. 

Make an effort to use people’s names.

Do you want to get more brownie points for yourself? Each interviewer will identify themselves to you as soon as you go into a panel interview. Recall their names. It could strengthen your argument if you answer their inquiries by name. You may, for instance, make use of a friendly aside like “That’s a good question, Geoff.”

Take your time answering the questions. 

In the event that a panel interview overwhelms you, you could feel pressured to answer questions quickly. Avoid making that error. Every time an interviewer asks you a question, stop and take a deep breath. You’ll have an opportunity to carefully consider your response after that. It makes no sense to start talking when you are at a loss for words. This method aids in setting a more leisurely pace and calming atmosphere. 

The lesson learned 

Panel discussions can initially seem intimidating. But you must not allow them to frighten you. Being well-prepared is essential for thriving in the interview. You have a better chance of getting the job if you put in more work before the interview. 

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